Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Breaking The Shell: Connecting the Spiritual Cascade to the Physical with New Church Science

There will be a Theistic Science Symposium, Oct. 12, 2019 at the Bryn Athyn college, PA.

The Swedenborg Scientific Association (SSA) and the Theistic Science Group (TSG) are pleased to extend an invitation to the Theistic Science Symposium, Oct. 12, 2019 at the Bryn Athyn college. This event is free for everyone. Sure to be a very fascinating day, please see the agenda for details. Registration requested at http://www.theisticscience.com/BreakingTheShell.htm.
For me this will be very important.  It will be an opportunity to explain in more details my idea for Can minds have effects in nature? How? as described in the previous posting.
The first part of the day will be taken my talks from my colleagues to lay the groundwork, so we can understand how spiritual influx into the natural can and must make sense even within science.  We are discussing our ideas every week in a group Skype call, and we will coordinate the details of our talks to make them easier to follow.
So many people think that materialism is inadequate to understand how minds and spirits might exist and live in relation to the world, but have no good ideas how this might take place. Some think that revealing the quantum physics is important for physical measurements and/or biological operations is the important step to going beyond materialism. In a sense that is true, but the effects of quantum physics are either absolutely essential for even ordinary processes (e.g. in sub-atomic and nuclear physics - my day job), or make only extremely small differences compared with classical physics.
So now I want to show how electric processes of attraction and repulsion could themselves be modified and managed by influx coming from outside the physical.  These effects are much larger than quantum effects, and could well be very important for producing the detailed molecular reactions that occur in cells -- or at least the timing of the molecular processes that need to be managed for the successful life of a cell.

So my talk, and the end of the day, will give more details of what I have in mind for how spiritual and mental things can influence the physical. And do so in a way that minimizes the number of laws of physics that have to be changed to allow this to occur. If you come, you will see!

The event will be live streamed and later available on youtube. Details of that to come.